Review: Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation I Randa A.Randa Aimour is a writer and economics student. Born in Algeria, she spent her childhood in the UK before eventually moving back to her country of origin. She is currently based out of Belgium.

An avid traveller, she fluently speaks three languages – English, Algerian Darija, French – and is constantly trying to learn more.

Outside of writing about beauty, literature, food, and travel – she also tackles important issues such as mental health, religion, abuse, and identity.

An indigenous North African feminist, she plans on using her writing to help break the barriers and taboos within her culture that often negatively affect the lives of women, as well as fight against the oppression of her people.

She is the founder of, and part of the creative team behind, Women of North Africa; an online magazine exclusively by, and for, North African women. It’s a magazine that puts the women of her region at the forefront, with the goal of giving them all the space they require to voice their passions and concerns.

Randa A. is a collection of passions. It is the intersection between her love for writing and her love for everything else, and the safe space she has carved out for herself on the internet.