Modern Renaissance Spring Makeup

Apologies for my camera cutting off, all products used are listed below, including those not shown on screen.

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Review: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette I Randa Aimour
Express Finds: Zoeva Brushes I Randa Aimour
Drugstore Finds: Essence Liquid Liner I Randa Aimour

Drugstore Finds: Essence Liquid Liner

afterlight-2If you know me in real life (many of you don’t, but the ones who do can attest to this), there is one thing I am known for makeup wise; and that is eyeliner. Winged liner has been my go-to everyday makeup look since I started wearing makeup. There was a time where I used to refuse to leave the house without a wing. I used to get written up in secondary school for being late to class because I had missed my bus trying to get my eyeliner right. Liner is my shit, I am a seasoned liner veteran. Continue reading

Review: Lime Crime Venus Grunge Palette I Randa Aimour

Review: Lime Crime Venus Grunge Palette

afterlightAfter deciding to step up my eye-shadow game recently, I figured it was about time I expanded my palette collection. I was browsing through Love Makeup looking for palettes when I came across the Venus Grunge palette (amongst others, reviews coming soon). It’s basically an everyday palette with a pop of color, which I loved as my collection up until then only consisted of neutral shades.

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