She Cooks? Fajita Filling

I don’t cook often, but when I do, it’s usually the most uncomplicated, non-headache producing meals around. We stan a simple, savory meal that requires minimal effort. Fajitas are one of them – shoutout Mexico. Here’s my favorite basic bitch recipe for a chicken fajita filling:

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Identity, Self-Love and the Concept of Home

Identity, Self-Love and the Concept of Home

Growing up, I didn’t have much of an identity. I was born in Algeria and left when I was five; I didn’t return until I was almost fourteen. For nine years, my life was the west; it was a place that refused to accept me, but it was all I knew. I come from a family with a diverse cultural, linguistic, and ethnic background but I was never taught any of that. I didn’t know what home was, I didn’t even like telling people where I was from because my country of origin was virtually unknown, and people’s ignorance to its existence made me ashamed. Continue reading

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