Modern Renaissance Spring Makeup

Apologies for my camera cutting off, all products used are listed below, including those not shown on screen.

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The Best Mask for Winter Skin

I’ll be the first person to tell you, my skin suffers in winter. It gets dry and flakey, I can’t wear most of my foundations cause they make me look crusty. My makeup routine becomes a small layer of something really light and liquid, cream highlight and contour, and I can forget about setting my face with any kind of powder. The struggle is real. Continue reading

Black Mask Fail I Randa A.
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Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit + Gloss I Randa Aimour

Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit + Gloss

img_7374I don’t like giving negative reviews, not only are they disappointing but they’re an indication of time, money and product wasted. Unfortunately, there are quite  a few brands around who make disappointing, overhyped products and given the amount of new makeup I try; I tend to come across quite a few. Continue reading

Express Finds: Red Cherry Lashes I Randa Aimour

Express Finds: Red Cherry Lashes

img_7040Aliexpress is a goldmine for finding cheap, good-quality products if you know how to use it right. Unfortunately, while good-quality cheap products do exist, a lot of the products sold there are either a waste of money or hazardous to your health and skin (especially the beauty products). I’ve created this series to help you guys sort through the trash and get to the good stuff. Continue reading