The Best Mask for Winter Skin

I’ll be the first person to tell you, my skin suffers in winter. It gets dry and flakey, I can’t wear most of my foundations cause they make me look crusty.

My makeup routine becomes a small layer of something really light and liquid, cream highlight and contour, and I can forget about setting my face with any kind of powder. The struggle is real.

Enter Nivea. The OG face cream. That blue tinned shit that’s been on your mother’s (and/ or your grandmother’s) vanity since before you were born. The shit costs like €2, maybe €3 if you’re unlucky. I’m personally not a face of it as a moisturizer, it does not work for me – it sits on top of my skin and makes it look shiny. But as a mask, a quick fix, for flaky winter skin: it is undefeated.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the worst flu of my life. The consequences of the nose blowing, a slight mishap with some hair removal cream on my top lip, left me with red, inflamed, flakey nostrils and a top upper lip. I had somewhere to be, and nothing to lose, so I slathered my mother’s Nivea Soft on like my life depended on it. I put on the thickest layer possible, left it on for over an hour, showered, then gently exfoliated the area. I don’t know what kind of crack they put in this cream but whatever it is, it worked cause my skin was back to normal.

I’ve tried this mask multiple times since and it has worked every single time. This mask is especially good after a shower since, like most women, I bathe in temperatures that would make the rivers of hell cringe. Unfortunately, bathing in such temperatures is actually not great for your skin and has a tendency to dry it out faster than a month spent in the desert without adequate skincare. So I compensate with extra moisture, and this mask is perfect.


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