Bentalha I Randa Aimour


i was born in a country
where the skies are blue
and tangerine
and every color in between

i was born in a country
where women were slaughtered
where markets were bombed
where poets were murdered

i was born in a country
that made martyrs out of families
orphans out of children
widows out of wives
and monsters out of men

i was born in a country
scarred by war
with turmoil still brewing

i was born in a country
where amnesia is self imposed
where traitors run free
and murderers govern us


Spring Cleaning

Every year, I revamp myself. A spring cleaning if you will. I take all the different parts of me, I analyze them, and I decided on how I’m going to proceed to better myself. Which trauma will I work on overcoming next? What kind of person will I be now? How have I been this year? Too mean and bitchy (hey, at least I admit it)? Let’s work on that. How many breakdowns have I had? How many depressive episodes? What triggered them and why? What can I do to work through them, so that I can have less (or maybe none at all) next year? I ask myself all of these questions, try to get to the root of every one of them, and then I figure out what I’m going to do to fix it. And it works, it really does. Continue reading