The Ordinary Skincare Review

The Ordinary was probably the most hyped skincare brand of 2016, and the hype has not died down yet. They claim to have simplified skincare by providing cheap, simple products that get the job done. They are definitely a skincare brand on the cheaper end of the price scale as their most expensive skincare product is the “Buffet” (a peptide serum) that retails for just under €15. The Ordinary is a Deciem company, they also own skincare brands Hylamide and NIOD. Continue reading



My grandmother lost her virginity at the age of fifteen. She was standing on a chair cleaning the display cupboard in her aunt’s living room one day, when she slipped and fell, legs open, on the protruding end of another chair and her virginity was no more. That was the official story. Continue reading


I started writing when I was twelve. I had the most over-active imagination ever, to the point where it had turned me into a pathological liar. I loved telling people stories, even if they weren’t true. The complicated part was when they realized none of it was real, they thought I was an asshole which, I must admit, is understandable. I just wanted life to be as exciting as the books I’d read; real life was so dreary in comparison. Once I realized that my lies weren’t winning me any popularity points, not that I was popular to begin with, I told myself that I absolutely had to stop. I figured, why not put everything in a story? And that is how I began to write. Continue reading

Maghrebi Mondays: Maaqouda

IMG_2009Maaqouda is a potato patty (or beignet, fritters, whatever – it has a lot of nicknames, more than it should) that originates from, and is commonly eaten in, the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia). It is one of my favorite ‘light snacks’ or entrées, although anyone who has seen me attack a plate of these will tell you that I eat enough for them to count as a full meal.

I typically make these during Ramadan when I get sick of bourek, they’re quite easy to make and they come in different variations (stuffed with cheese, minced meat, tuna, etc. – you get the picture). I, however, make the most basic version of it. And I know it’s no longer Ramadan, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make a batch or two. Or three. Or four. Continue reading