I’ve decided to take a break. I am not quitting blogging or anything like that, but my workload as we catapult towards the end of the academic year is steadily increasing. I have a dissertation that is seriously trying me, and exams are coming soon. Too soon. This coupled with the fact that I haven’t been doing too well in terms of my mental health recently means something has got to give.

So I’ve decided to give up blogging, for now. Since my site launched in January, I’ve been trying to give you guys quality content twice a week, and was actually planning on increasing the output but that’s not possible for me right now. I feel like if I continue at the rate I’m going and just start releasing stuff simply because I need to stick to my schedule, the content is really going to suffer and if that’s the case I’d rather just stop.

I’m writing this for the people who have been reading my blog twice a week, every week, and also for myself because I’m trying to convince myself that I haven’t failed and so this post is necessary. For you guys, as an explanation for my future absence, but also for me.

As for right now, I have this dissertation to finish, some exams to ace, and a diploma to be awarded and then I’ll be right back; that’ll probably be some time around late June/early July.

If you guys want to keep up with me, you can most probably find me whining about my life on Twitter or procrastinating by posting nostalgic travel pictures via Instagram; those are your best bets in terms of my active social media accounts (my blog isn’t the only thing that’s been suffering).

I hope you guys ace your exams, hand in your bomb dissertations on time, and just be thriving as fuck. See you guys in the summer time. – Randa xo


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