Tutorial: Purple Smokey Eye

This week’s video is a tutorial on how to get a purple smokey eye out of the Morphe 35W Palette!

This palette was the first Morphe product I ever bought last year, as I’d heard so many mixed reviews about both brand’s products and the company itself so I wanted to make up my own mind. The brand definitely makes good palettes for affordable prices. Are they the best palettes around? No. Do they get the job done? Absolutely.

They are not eyeshadows that I have to struggle or fight with to blend. Their 35 palettes also allow you to come up with a diverse set of looks, which I am all for! People typically say that Morphe makes better shimmers than they do mattes, but I honestly prefer the mattes. I feel like there are other affordable companies around that do shimmer shadows way better than Morphe, but that’s just me.

Outside of their official website, Morphe is stocked at Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty but unfortunately, their 35 palettes are almost always sold out. I will try to look for more sites that stock them and update this post whenever I find some.

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