Review: Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation I Randa A.

Review: Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation

Given how my skin reacted to the original formula of this foundation, I wasn’t really planning on even trying the new formulas out.


Once I try a product and find it to be disappointing, it usually puts me off testing out newer releases. I am very glad that wasn’t the case for this foundation.

I decided to randomly swatch this at the drugstore one day because I had heard every beauty blogger and their mum rave about this foundation and I was highly skeptical. I knew from the moment I applied it to the back of my hand that I was going to buy it, there was no way I wasn’t.

This foundation is perfect. The best part? It retails for under €10.

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I’m not usually one for a matte foundation, I find a lot of them to be too flat and I’m not much of a high coverage girl either. This foundation is matte but it gives you the most natural, seamless finish and it’s medium coverage and buildable without risk of caking. I tend to break out a little more during the cold and harsh winter months, but I hate using concealer anywhere other than my under-eyes; I can so easily just apply more of this foundation to the areas where I want more coverage to hide my pimples and especially my spot scarring and it gives me the perfect amount of coverage without making those specific areas look heavy or caky. It just gives me the most flawless base.

I have nothing bad to say. Unlike every drugstore foundation I have tried previous to this one, it does not make my skin act funny. This is the only drugstore foundation I have tried that does not give me little bumps on my forehead (and I have been wearing it for months). Unfortunately, it does oxidize slightly after a while. I’ve had mine for about four months now and have now started to notice it but the process seems to be slow and it still does not make me look orange; just a little tanner than I currently am. And given how quickly I am going through it, I still don’t consider it to be much of a negative point; I’ll be on my second bottle before long.

This foundation is really up there for me. I have purchased way more expensive foundations in the past that were trash compared to this. I would buy this foundation at five times what it currently retails for. I have no idea what the hell it is doing at a drugstore as it is a truly quality product but my broke, student pockets are grateful that it is. Thank you, Maybelline; you produced a winner.

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