Review: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette I Randa Aimour

Review: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

Zoeva is a brand that’s probably most well-known for their makeup brushes.


They’re generally well regarded as their products perform well and don’t burn much of a hole in your pocket. Zoeva also carries their own makeup line; and their eyeshadow palettes in particular are quickly coming into their own.

The Cocoa Blend palette is the perfect palette for me. Whilst the packaging is basic cardboard with no mirror, everything else is amazing. It contains five mattes (one with a little glitter) and five shimmers; it is a neutral eye palette with just enough versatility to allow for quite a decent range of looks. It is highly pigmented, it blends so, so beautifully and the colors do not muddy when blended together. The palette is made in Italy and has no parabens, mineral oils, fragrances, or phthalates.


This is the one palette I take with me when I travel as it’s small and slim and I know I can get both day and night looks out of it. This is one of the only palettes I own where I have used every single shade. I typically use Substitute for Love and Freshly Toasted as transition shades and Bitter Start as an all-over shade to lighten up my eyelids and make the rest of my eye makeup pop. Beans are White and Infusion usually go in my outer-V and the shimmer shades typically go on my lid.


I do switch it up from time to time; sometimes I will go for an all matte look or only use the transition shades for a more natural neutral eye etc. but I generally only ever apply shimmer shades on my lid. I would highly recommend using your finger to apply the shimmer shades; brushes do pick them up but it is more of a challenge and they apply better using fingers anyway. The shimmer shades have quite a bit of fallout.

While Zoeva’s makeup line has been low-key up until recently, it seems the beauty world is quickly catching on to it, and the Cocoa Blend is the most popular choice, if the rate it is selling out at is any indication. Due to the seemingly lack of palettes available, and the fact that Zoeva has yet to open a store or be stocked in one (as far I know, please correct me if I am wrong), I will be linking multiple places it is available to purchase below. I am hoping it will be in stock on at least one of the sites.

I will definitely be repurchasing this palette once I hit pan (which is when you know the product is good) and I also plan on expanding my Zoeva eyeshadow palette collection!

Places to Purchase: ZoevaLove MakeupBeauty BayCult Beauty.

Note: Some affiliate links used. Affiliate links means I may receive a commission should you ever choose to click through and make a purchase. It is one of the ways I keep this site running. Thank you for your support.

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