Express Finds: Zoeva Brushes I Randa Aimour

Express Finds: Zoeva Brushes

I come to you bearing gifts and another great find.

If you type “makeup brushes” into the search bar on AliExpress, copies of two brand brushes are bound to turn up at some point: Artìs and Zoeva. I have yet to try Artìs, but I have much to say about Zoeva.

I bought a copy of the rose golden eye set around April 2016 as I was starting to branch out into eyeshadow a little more and needed brushes that would allow me to develop my skills. I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for something when I wasn’t that invested in the first place, so I figured it would be a good time to check out what the brushes on AliExpress could do.

This set cost me around €7 (it’s €10 if you want the bag that comes with it) and shipping was roughly three weeks. The actual Zoeva set that these products are a copy of retail at around €75.

It. Is. Bomb. The brushes are soft, they pick up shadow very easily, they blend well. The brow brush included in this set is the best I’ve ever used and is now my go-to. It comes with around three blending brushes of different sizes so you can pick any one depending on the look you’re going for. They do not ever shed.

Due to the brush hairs being white, I was afraid that using dark shadows would stain them; that has not been the case at all, they actually wash out very easily. The majority of the brushes have natural hair so they do not pick up foiled shadows as well as synthetic haired ones do, but that is perfectly normal. I once read that the majority of makeup brushes are only really made by three major companies and the rest is just private labelling and honestly, this brush set makes me believe that.

AliExpress is the best place to get brushes if you’re not willing to invest in some high-end ones quite yet. They’re quality brushes for a cheap price, they don’t have any chemical smell to them nor do they infect or inflame my skin in any way (I know some people have fears about that).

Since my experiences with these brushes went very well, I have ordered more and I’m yet to be disappointed (posts coming soon!), and I very much plan on continuing to use these until they become old and haggard.

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6 thoughts on “Express Finds: Zoeva Brushes”

  1. Girl. I love my Zoeva brushes too. You can tell that most makeup brushes have the same manufacturer – it’s all about the brand. AliExpress also do great dupes for NARS Brushes.

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