Drugstore Finds: Essence Liquid Liner I Randa Aimour

Drugstore Finds: Essence Liquid Liner

If you know me in real life (many of you don’t, but the ones who do can attest to this), there is one thing I am known for makeup wise; and that is eyeliner.


Winged liner has been my go-to everyday makeup look since I started wearing makeup. There was a time where I used to refuse to leave the house without a wing. I used to get written up in secondary school for being late to class because I had missed my bus trying to get my eyeliner right. Liner is my shit, I am a seasoned liner veteran.

Let me start off by saying that this eyeliner has been my ride or die, go-to liner for the past five years. Let me also say that in the past five years I have been recommending this eyeliner, and only this eyeliner, to various friends and family members and every single one of them has loved it. The best thing about it? It retails for €2,59 (at my local drugstore).


I only ever really wear liquid eyeliner with a fine brush applicator. I don’t like gels and felt tip liners, as they tend to drag on my lid; and I avoid creams as they transfer. This liner is black as hell, waterproof, and the formula is both wet (it doesn’t dry halfway through application and start dragging on your lid) and quick-drying (no time for it to transfer onto the rest of your lid space).

This is the liner I used when I first learned to wing my eye and it’s the liner I recommended to friends who were also beginners; it just makes application so easy. The brush tip applicator is fine and I have managed to apply liner on people who have mono lids and hooded eyes with relative ease.

This product is extremely comparable to its high-end peers and it actually beats some of them as well, in my opinion. It is black and stays black, it does not fade during the day nor does it smear; it typically does not flake unless it is nearing the end of its lifespan and that’s usually an indication for me to go out and buy a new one. Unlike other liners, it does not go funny if you apply it over eye shadow although, depending on the eyeshadow, sometimes it will not apply as smoothly. I have gone through so many of these liners I have honestly lost count.


I highly, highly recommend this product. I’ve been asked about what liner I use, and which one I recommend, for years and I’ve only ever recommended this product. The feedback I’ve received from the folk who actually went out and bought it has been nothing but positive;I’m taking that as a sign, and so should you.

Happy lining!

Cult Beauty Ltd.

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