Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit + Gloss I Randa Aimour

Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit + Gloss

I don’t like giving negative reviews, not only are they disappointing but they’re an indication of time, money and product wasted.


Unfortunately, there are quite  a few brands around who make disappointing, overhyped products and given the amount of new makeup I try; I tend to come across quite a few.

I initially ordered a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit (in the shade “Exposed”) and one of her glosses (in the shade “Literally”) towards the end of May last year. The total came to $44 excluding shipping ($29 for the lip kit and $15 for the gloss). Shipping was an additional $14.95 as I live in Europe; that came to a total of $58.95 which is roughly €52. Shipping was tracked and the order took roughly two weeks to arrive. Once it got to my home, I had to pay an additional €26 in customs charges, that took the total of the products up to roughly €78.

I’m going to start with the positives. The lip-liner in the lip kit is nice. It’s creamy, glides on beautifully and is relatively long-lasting. The only con is the shade as it didn’t suit me so I can’t really wear it without mixing it. I like the lipgloss; it’s one of those old school thick glosses that I remember wearing when I was in middle school; it has the same type of brush applicator too. I love the shade and the opacity of it, it’s a lipgloss you can wear entirely on its own without adding any type of lipliner or lipstick underneath.


The matte liquid lipstick, the product I was excited the most about, was a disaster. When it first arrived, I thought it had been used as the product had leaked out of, and around, the lid and congealed. I contacted Customer Service and they assured me that it was normal and was probably just due to the long distance shipping. Just like the lipliner, I did not like the shade. I had to be careful with the application as the formula was very runny, and I had to apply a thin coat otherwise it would crust up on my lips.

Once applied, the lipstick just sat on top of my lips. It does not sink in like my other liquid lipsticks, it would sit on top and crack whenever I talked, or laughed, or smiled. It did not feel drying at all and was not tacky whenever I pressed my lips together. It was very lightweight and comfortable to wear, it just looked awful.

The product would come off around the centre of my lips whenever I would eat, and whatever survived the meal would turn into a congealed mess. It did not layer well at all. There were a couple of times I wore it and avoided eating just to see how it would wear and it would still crack so much whenever I spoke that it would literally start to crumble off my lips after 3-4 hours.

One thing that did make it more wearable was lip balm. A thin layer of a decent lip balm (so not Vaseline) minimized the cracking and crumbling and helped it sink into my lips instead of having it just sit on top; however it made the experience of wearing the product less comfortable as it became tacky.


I cannot recommend these products. While I did like the lipliner and the lipgloss, I do not find them to be worth the price. I already found the prices of the products to be a bit of a stretch but that coupled with the price of shipping and any customs fees you may have to pay makes none of her products worth the trouble.

There are many brands who produce lip products that are way better than Kylie Cosmetics for a fraction of the price and they don’t require payments of an arm and a leg for shipping.

Kylie Cosmetics is a drugstore brand with high-end prices; many people seem to be perfectly okay with paying the amount of money they do for her (price taken into account) sub-par products, but I am not and I do not believe I will be purchasing from her again.

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