Drugstore Finds: Essence Liquid Liner I Randa Aimour

Drugstore Finds: Essence Liquid Liner

afterlight-2If you know me in real life (many of you don’t, but the ones who do can attest to this), there is one thing I am known for makeup wise; and that is eyeliner. Winged liner has been my go-to everyday makeup look since I started wearing makeup. There was a time where I used to refuse to leave the house without a wing. I used to get written up in secondary school for being late to class because I had missed my bus trying to get my eyeliner right. Liner is my shit, I am a seasoned liner veteran. Continue reading

Discover: Roman Ruins of Tipasa, Algeria I Randa Aimour

Discover: Roman Ruins of Tipasa, Algeria

img_7362The Roman Ruins of Tipasa is a UNESCO site located approximately 70km west of Algiers. Originally a Punic trading post dating back to 600 B.C., it was a place for exchanges between the Carthaginians and the indigenous population.

Colonized by the Ancient Romans after the Third Punic War, it was then turned into a military colony by Emperor Claudius and used for the conquest of the Berber kingdom of Mauretania. Continue reading

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Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit + Gloss I Randa Aimour

Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit + Gloss

img_7374I don’t like giving negative reviews, not only are they disappointing but they’re an indication of time, money and product wasted. Unfortunately, there are quite  a few brands around who make disappointing, overhyped products and given the amount of new makeup I try; I tend to come across quite a few. Continue reading

Identity, Self-Love and the Concept of Home

Identity, Self-Love and the Concept of Home

Growing up, I didn’t have much of an identity. I was born in Algeria and left when I was five; I didn’t return until I was almost fourteen. For nine years, my life was the west; it was a place that refused to accept me, but it was all I knew. I come from a family with a diverse cultural, linguistic, and ethnic background but I was never taught any of that. I didn’t know what home was, I didn’t even like telling people where I was from because my country of origin was virtually unknown, and people’s ignorance to its existence made me ashamed. Continue reading

Women I Randa Aimour


i come from a family of women

with personalities in abundance

intimidated every man they ever met

neighbors say they can’t be tamed

i come from a family of women

both seen and heard

not either

not or

i come from a family of women

they are whispered about

they dared to crush the culture

that tried to crush them

i come from a family of women

who raised strong women

who raised stronger women

who, in turn, raised me

i come from a family of women

whose spirits stay on this earth

long after they have gone

in the women they raised

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Express Finds: Red Cherry Lashes I Randa Aimour

Express Finds: Red Cherry Lashes

img_7040Aliexpress is a goldmine for finding cheap, good-quality products if you know how to use it right. Unfortunately, while good-quality cheap products do exist, a lot of the products sold there are either a waste of money or hazardous to your health and skin (especially the beauty products). I’ve created this series to help you guys sort through the trash and get to the good stuff. Continue reading

(Lit)erature 2016 I Randa Aimour