Review: Lime Crime Venus Grunge Palette I Randa Aimour

Review: Lime Crime Venus Grunge Palette

After deciding to step up my eye-shadow game recently, I figured it was about time I expanded my palette collection.

I was browsing through Love Makeup¬†looking for palettes when I came across the Venus Grunge palette (amongst others, reviews coming soon). It’s basically an everyday palette with a pop of color, which I loved as my collection up until then only consisted of neutral shades.

I absolutely adore this palette. It’s affordable, pigmented, easy to apply, and easy to blend; it’s also vegan and cruelty-free. It does not crease, even on my oily lids, and lasts all day. I’m surprised at the price, not only do I expect a palette like this to be on the higher-end of the price spectrum, but I’d also be willing to pay more for it.

There’s a lot of shadows on the market these days that are not really up to par but can work if you force them to, or spend hours blending. I don’t particularly care for shadows like that, a product either works or it doesn’t. I shouldn’t have to fight my makeup to “make it work”, if I’m spending my hard earned money on something, I expect it to work without my having to put a lot of effort in.

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I’m also still very much a newbie when it comes to shadows so I like products that do their job and don’t give me too much grief, and this palette does just that. The shades do not disappear with blending, nor do they go muddy, I don’t have to blend for an hour and a half, and I can create really simple everyday eye looks with just that little pop of color needed to not make it look like every other neutral look I’ve ever done.

Despite the fact that this palette only comes with eight shadows, I feel like there’s enough of a variety in the shades that I can create several different eye looks out of it without it getting too repetitive.

I’ve added some finger swatches below, both with and without flash, and I must say; I do not believe I have done the shades much justice. Amongst the shades, my favorites are Creation, Icon, and Muse. Muse is a beautiful deep cranberry shade that I love applying on my lid, Creation is the perfect crease color, and I love adding Icon to my outer V to add definition (see look above). Aura is also great for an inner corner highlight.

This palette was such a welcome surprise and I would absolutely recommend it. Given the quality, I almost feel like I underpaid for it. Stay tuned for upcoming looks using this palette!

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