Review: NYX Matte Lipstick I Randa Aimour

Review: NYX Matte Lipstick

swatches-no-flashI must admit, I am a fan of NYX. They are one of my favorite affordable brands and the fact that they’re rapidly expanding and becoming easily available is making me warm to them more. I have a number of their products now, mostly their matte lipsticks and not so long ago I completed my collection (of shades I wanted, not of their entire range) so I figured it was time for a review.

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Chronology of my Faith I I Randa Aimour

Chronology of my Faith I

All of my life, I have battled with my faith. If it wasn’t my lack of faith, it was following the obligations that my religion set out before me. If it wasn’t that, it was trying to deal with various people, including my own parents and community, trying to shove my religion down my throat and make it stick despite every fiber of my being telling me to regurgitate it. Now, I’m at peace with it; but probably not in the way that most people might think.

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