Review: Sleek Cream Contour Kit I Randa Aimour

Review: Sleek Cream Contour Kit

This review is long overdue.


I initially ordered this kit on its release date back in April, but problems with shipping and having to go through customer service to get a replacement meant that I only ended up getting it about a week ago. Before I even start on the product, I must give a huge shout-out to Sleek’s customer service for being very professional and understanding. They sent me a replacement no questions asked and they sent it tracked which isn’t even what I initially paid for.

I ordered this kit in light, even though I am usually a medium, as I am very wary of cream contours, especially the darker shades and their tendency to look muddy. Before I even got this product, I had heard that it was dry and not very pigmented.

I have mixed feelings about this product. I think the highlight shades are awful but I do like the formula on the contour shades. When I first ordered this kit, I was mostly excited about the yellow corrector shade and the darkest contour one. I didn’t really

(L-R) Shade 1, Shade 2 & Shade 3

know what I was going to do with the other shades but the product does come with a little piece of paper explaining what each shade is for so I thought I would figure it out.

I really, really dislike the lighter shades. They’re very dry and very patchy. The yellow corrector (Shade 1) was the worst of the lot, it’s more white than it is yellow and it looks very chalky. When I compared it to my LA girl pro yellow corrector, you could very clearly see the difference between the two, Shade 1 is so white in comparison. It is the driest of the three shades and trying to apply it on my undereyes was uncomfortable to say the least.

FullSizeRender 3
(L-R) Shade 1, LA Girl Pro Yellow Corrector

The other two shades were the concealers. Shade 2 had pink undertones which, as someone who has very yellow undertones, did not suit me at all. The second concealer shade (Shade 3) suited me more but barely concealed anything and was also dry.

The one thing I did like about this palette was the contour shades. They almost (keyword: almost) made up for the disaster that is the light shades. I love the formula, they were very creamy, the pigmentation was true to color and they applied so well.

My favorite by a mile was the darkest contour shade. It’s quite cool-toned which isn’t usually my thing; I’ve always contoured with warmer shades, but I was pleasantly surprised at how it looked once applied! I wouldn’t say they’re the most pigmented shades in the world but they are very buildable.

FullSizeRender 1
(L-R) Shade 4, Shade 5 & Shade 6

The one thing I did like about the pigmentation of the darker colors is they’re not so pigmented that you have to be careful when you apply them, for fear that they’ll look like you’ve smeared shit all over your face. It’s easy to get a natural contour, but it’s also easy to get something a little darker and more dramatic without going overboard.

As for the other two shades, I like the formula but I don’t really have much use for them. I did use them to lightly contour my forehead (as the paper instructed) when testing them out but I don’t really contour my forehead ever on a day-to-day basis so I don’t really know what to do with them. I initially wanted to use them to concealer but they’re a little too orange for that. They might work as contour shades for those with very, very light skin, but they didn’t for me.

Contour using Shade 6.

All in all, I really could not ever look someone in the eye and recommend this kit. If they were selling single cream contour shades, I would tell you to pick up shade 6 in a heartbeat but they don’t, and one good shade isn’t reason enough to buy a kit with 5 other unusable ones.

It is worth noting that I know people with the kit in medium and dark and they tell me that it’s great so maybe it’s just the light one that’s not so good. However, I still do not care enough for the kit itself to go out and spend money on another one; I think I’ve wasted enough of my money on this product as it is, but that’s just me.

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