Sex, sexuality, and the importance and unimportance of virginity I Randa Aimour

Sex, sexuality, and the importance and unimportance of virginity

Virginity is a social construct. Virginity is the most important thing a woman can possess and if she were to lose it outside of marriage, she is worthless.

These are both common ideals. They are also ideals that I have held at one point or another. Neither worked out for me. Your virginity can mean whatever it wants to mean to you, because it is yours and yours alone. It can be as important or unimportant as you like. I do not know why I am writing about this, perhaps because it makes me a little uncomfortable and I am trying to write outside of my comfort zone, perhaps because it took me a long time to realize that, and I would like to publicize it just in case anyone that is ever as confused as I was comes across it.

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